1.1 Background of the Study
The desire for man to carry out research or analyzed a particular problem has been caused by several motivating factors brought about by technological advancement. This has been possible due to the existence of research materials (books) and other items.

“Book” is defined s a blue print for any development. According to, a book is a set of paper or parchment or other various materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. Book publication is not an easy task, these books are expensive and this had drawn the attention of institutions of learning and government to acquire book for students and the public. Book produced are kept in a well-defined structure called “The Library”.

Libraries came into existence on the realization of importance of preserving knowledge acquired and impact same from generation to generation. The primary purpose of a library is to share materials role in the development of a human being intellectually, spiritually, etc.

Libraries was not highly patronized due to high standard of illiteracy in our society but as people craves for more knowledge members of the society began to appreciate the importance and usefulness of the library.

Libraries are of various types and categories such as institutional, private, public libraries etc and the types of library used depends on the kinds of materials you are sharing like document library used for storing documents and spreadsheet, picture or graphics, vicinage library is used to create a collection of connected wiki-page.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
There are some problems associated with the previous system which include
1. A registered individual may lose his personal identification card which may lead to an embarrassment as a result of trying to force themselves into the library.
2. Someone or an individual can have access into the library by collecting the library identification card from people, colleague while such a person is not registered in the library.
3. Books lend may not be brought back or returned because of not getting adequate information to track down such individual.

1.3 History of Libraries
Libraries are nearly as old as the written world. The earliest body of written materials was assembled in Mesopotamia in present day Iraq and Syria, more than 5,000 years ago. Ever since then cultures have established libraries whenever social, political and economic development have enable them to record and collect knowledge. The formation of libraries required the support of political or religious leaders who recognized that historical records where necessary to document, promote their societies achievement. Libraries also could not have developed without readers a core group of literate educated people who had enough leisure time and motivation to use the need resource. Library Management System

Library are collection of books and other information materials made available to people for reading, study, or reference purpose.

The word library comes from “Liber” word for “book”. however, library collections have almost always contained a variety of materials contemporary libraries maintain collection that include not only printed materials such as manuscript, books, newspaper, and magazines name it, but also are reproduction, films, sound and video recordings, maps, photographs, microfiches, CD-Roms, computer software, online database and media. In addition to maintaining the collection within library building, modern libraries often feature telecommunication link that provides users with access to information at remote sites. The central mission of a library is a collection preserve and provides access to knowledge and information. Library Management System

1.4 Justification of the Study
The study has a great justification considering the immense potentials that the e-library has brought to Akwa Ibom State in the area of education. It has been observe that developed nations who first adopted the concept of the electronic library are now reaping the benefits in terms of technological development, the e-library in Akwa Ibom State has a great significance, it is hoped to bring a technological development to the state as it was done for others.

1.5 Aims and Objectives
1. To design a user friendly graphical user interface which suit the user.
2. To develop a system that can receive input and generate automatically output in easy way and short time
3. To eliminate the paper work in the library
4. To record every transaction in computerizes system so that problem such as record file missing won’t happen again.
5. To produce technical report that documents the phases, task and operation in the library.
6. To build a monitoring system that can be able to monitor and manage all library operation efficiently.
7. To give an opportunity to librarians to reduce the time spent and mistake that are always happen during manual method.

1.6 Scope, Delimitation & Limitation of the Study
Scope of the study
It is necessary to define a scope when developing software or when carrying out project and the following are the scope of e-library management system. Basically this system got four major functions, there are:
1. Library user account management system
2. Book downloading
3. Book uploading
4. Book reading
5. Report generator.
From all the four functions mentioned, the library user account management system can only be access by e-library management system administrator. Library Management System

Delimitation of the study
The electronic library is wide since anybody from any part of the world can log into the internet to access the contents and available resources for educational purpose, it therefore shows that the e-library has global scope where by different individual from different location can access information and possible means for research.

Limitation of the study
1. Lack of power supply to carry out the project both in software, hardware and paperwork.
2. Lack no sufficient information from the staff of the e- library (according to them for security reasons)
3. Financial constraint.
4. Time, the time given to carry out this project work is short.

1.7 Definition of Terms
E-Library: The electronic library can be defined as a computerized library or library I which collection are stored in digital formats. This digital content may be stored and accessed remotely via computer networks.
Library: A Library is a collection of useful material for common use. Library Management System

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