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1.1 Background of the Study
Most managers and scholars emphasize that an organization most important tool for gaining a competitive advantage is its people and in other for the organization to attain success employees must be involved and active, the best output in terms of quality and progress depends on the zeal you invest into your job. Your job should be a source of primary enjoyment that can spark up a zeal to invest your best that zeal is proportional to the motivation, work attitude and satisfaction you get from it. The term satisfaction is the fulfillment of a particular goal and objective that is achieved by an individual or an organization.

In terms of job no organization plays politics over un-satisfaction of job because when there is no job satisfaction there is every tendency that the organization will not accomplish or reach its set goals. In modern times organization pays so much attention on workers satisfaction because when workers are satisfied their productivity will be effective and efficient therefore job satisfaction will be realize through the effort of the workers. Job satisfaction can be considered the extent to which an individual employer enjoys what she does and contributes to the job to her fullest potential, Saari and Judge (2010).

Job satisfaction began with the research of Joy Nonye Ugwu (2009) which stated that rewards like the earnings of the job, incentives payment, promotion, depreciation and opportunities for progress could lead to increased job satisfaction. Aneke Isaac (2011) was of the view that job satisfaction as more of a response to a specific job or various aspects of the job. The extent to which this is possible cannot be over emphasized such that it is a point of discussion in several research papers and textbooks. Such discussion usually consists of sales of output, change of values, attitude and motivation that occur over a period of time with a particular work role. The group of concept referring to the subjective experience of work roles includes from the more general to the less; Attitude motivation and satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is specific and is referred to as a function of the discrepancy between what a worker expects or thinks she should get and the actual experience in the work situation in terms of expectation, experience and relationship. The outcome of these will ultimately lead to interest. Robert Kreitineir et al (2012) states that when some needs of work are not net it may result to low attitude and subsequently poor performance in the part of the employees. This conforms with various research work carried to check the relationship between the productivity level of workers and the level of satisfaction gotten from their jobs. Dissatisfaction of workers was shown to bring about absenteeism, neglect of duty, lateness and other behaviours that could have negative effects in work place.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Over the years, a number of researchers have attempted to study and analyze the relationship that exists between job satisfaction and performance of working in organization. It has been discovered that many organization have had serious problems on job satisfaction motivation of the employees that resulted in poor productivity or poor performance. Joy N Ugwu (2009). The problems are mostly bordered labour turnover and job ambiguity etc. they do not allow organizations to enhance workers performance and increase productivity. It is from this note that the researcher interest emanated from because until a problem is identified that solution cannot be provided. Other problems associated with job satisfaction are as follows;
1. Labour Turnover and Absenteeism: The movement of employees who received monetary compensation from the organization, by rotating around the labour market, between organizations, jobs and careers, normally present in terms of the turnover rate therefore it is the duty of the management to take workers turnover seriously as it could have both tangible and intangible impact on the financial position of the organizational productivity.
2. Job ambiguity and unclear task specification is the lack of clarity on one’s job profile. When the worker remains confused about his or her role or tasks, caused by lack of required information, lack of communication of available information or receipt of contradictory messages regarding the job these will affect job satisfaction and leads un-productivity.
3. Lack of training and personnel development training and personnel development is an inevitable factor in an organization as it enhances employee’s performance and also needs to increase the productivity of an organization. Research has shows us that organizations that are not taking part in training and development are likely to be hatching poor performance of their employees, low productivity and lack of effective and efficient workers in an organization.

1.3 Purpose of the Study
The foregoing discussion has centered on the workers job satisfaction and their performance. This study will therefore seek to undertake the reasons for the study.
1. To determine the relationship between job satisfaction and enhancement of workers performance.
2. To find out if job satisfaction enhances employees’ performance.
3. To examine ways of solving problems hindering job satisfaction and workers performance in organization.

1.4 Research Questions
The following constitute the research questions for the study, the research will tackle these questions in reference to the statement of the problem and the purpose of the study;
1. In what ways does job satisfaction relates to enhancement of workers performance in organizations?
2. Does job satisfaction enhance workers performance in organizations?
3. Are there problems that hinder job satisfaction and enhancement of workers performance in organizations?

1.5 Research Hypotheses
The following hypotheses H0 will represent null hypothesis, H1 will represent alternative hypothesis respectively
a. H0: There is no significant relationship between job satisfaction and workers performance in organizations.
H1: There is significant relationship between job satisfaction and workers performance
b. H0: Job satisfaction does not enhance workers performance in organizations.
H1: Job satisfaction enhances workers performance in organizations.
c. H0: There are no problems that hinder job satisfaction and enhancement of workers performance in organizations.
H1: There are problems that hinder job satisfaction and enhancement of worker performance in organizations.

1.6 Significance of the Study
No one can deny the importance of job satisfaction in our lives and society at large;
1. To researchers it will provide useful research materials to those wishing to conduct research in the same field in future.
2. To the organization which the research will be carried out it will make the company competitively by providing and improving quality of service and greater efficiency of operation through the use of a well motivated workforce.
3. To the society, not only good employee satisfaction create a happier set of employees but it also increases productivity in general as people know that they will be rewarded for the hard work that they do. This increased productivity does not come as a result of a high stress, unhappy work environment; rather it comes as a direct result of a satisfied collection of employees who are relaxed and willing to give their best work to the company.
4. It will broaden the knowledge of practicing managers and business scholars about the measures for improving productivity.
5. This study is also significant because it will help to unveil to companies other demerits and dements inherit in not embarking on good policies and practices which could increases job satisfaction towards productivity.
6. This study is important because subsequent findings and recommendations of the study will enable the company to learn from their mistakes and effect changes where necessary.

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