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An index is a pointer or an indicator that leads or directs library users to where information resources are located in a particular collection or publication. The index are mostly arranged alphabetically in other to facilitate easy location of the information required. It is also the art of identifying the subjects contained in a given publication and matching these identified subjects with corresponding words/ items listed in a thesaurus.

I compiled this index based on all the news items and articles found in The Punch news paper for the month of April 2013. It consist of a series of entries, there are many steps in achieving consistency in indexing, first is to examine the title to identify key words that describes the subject, secondly it read and examine the first paragraph of the article or news item to determine the purpose.

In writing out an index entry, the subject heading and the geographical subheading should be put into consideration, (DEMOLITION: Nigeria: Lagos State) followed by a title and a bibliographic reference or citation. For the purpose of this work we are going to find the objective, scope, limitation and the entries of the index for the month of April 2013.

The main aim of indexing is to provide access to the library collection or publications such as periodicals, magazines, news papers etc. in a logical data and record which enables information retrieval. Therefore, an index has several access points which make it easy for the users to locate information in a particular publication.
The two main purpose of this index is for easy location of specific news items and information on The Punch news paper for the month of April 2013 and the re-arrangement of the subject headings alphabetically aids easy retrieval of the information. Therefore a good index is suppose to be simple and easy to use.

This work arose as a result of explosion and the discrimination for easy retrieval. Since the newspapers deals with several articles and news items, the index chooses the key words that truly represent the items and will be more useful to the user. The assignment of subject headings remains the most difficult task in a library. It therefore requires a thorough and much knowledge/experience in the field of information sources.

It scope therefore covers the various information from news items and articles found in the punch newspaper for the month of march 2013 with exception of some dates which are as follow: (6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28 and 29). These dates were not covered due to the absence of news papers on these dates in the library.

This index is arranged alphabetically in a systematic and logical order. This serve as a communication link or pointer between a given sources of information.

An index consists of a series of entries appearing not in the order in which they appear in the publication, but in some order which is alphabetically chosen to enable the user to find them quickly, together with reference to show where each items is located

A thesaurus is a collection of description of descriptors generally within one special field of knowledge. Used by indexers, which does not only lists the term in alphabetical order but also displays their relationship.

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