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The past two decades have witnessed a growing interest among researchers in exploring the linkages between modern movies and behaviours of young people in contemporary society. This has become pertinent because of the increasing amount of time adolescent spend on movies. For example, young people spend almost four hours per day watching movies (U.S Department of Education, 2002).

This is buttressed by the fact that adolescents maintain various systems of values which they access in order to assist decision making in their lives. While some values are central to defining behaviour, others are not. To put it more succinctly, adolescents associate themselves with various characters they view as heroes in movies and may integrate their models character in to their value system and this has effects on their behaviour.

Thus, the effect of modern movies on adolescents is to be studied carefully if reasons behind the tendency of adolescents to exhibit some maladjustive behavioural traits like bullying, smoking, drinking, substance abuse, sexual immoralities stealing, involvement in cult-related activities, examination malpractice etc, could be deciphered and properly adressed.

According to Onukaogu (2011) youths idolize television characters and tend to copy these characters in their everyday life. This implies that a young adolescent may resort to indecent dressing in order to appear like a character that he or she idolizes in a current movies without considering the circumstances that enhanced such dressing, as regards the role of the movie star in a particular movie.

Onyejiaku (2011) also asserts that since an adolescent is at a stage of life that is characterized by identity discovery and exploration, he is in a period of “storm and stress” (Havinghust 1968). The individual adolescent tends to experiment a lot and this is a dangerous situation because of the adolescent’s flexible value system; which can easily be tweaked to favour his whim or that of his friends and peers at any given time.

It is generally difficult to generalize how modern movies adversely affect adolescent behaviour, because of a lot of other interwoven factors that also affects the traits observed in an adolescent, but Larsson (1995) suggested that exposure to movies tends to become individualistic as adolescents begin to seek for self-identity. The experiences of adolescents as they develop further may impact how the movies that they view is selected, and how influential messages they convey may become. This is a significant issue when character formation is taken into cognizance. An introvert adolescent may tend to select movies that appeal to his isolatory nature and synthesizes concepts from the movie with his personal experience. This reinforces the kind of behaviour that is entrenched in the movie.

Thus, the focus of this study is on the influence of modern movies on adolescent behaviour amongst secondary school students in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

1.2 Statement of Problem
In contemporary times, adolescent youths are becoming more exposed to the spillover effects of globalization and technology. This is also aided by parents, who are becoming more liberal and democratic in child rearing practices and are often too preoccupied with their careers that their children now have more time to spend, away from their prying eyes.

Most of the adolescent individuals now have access to the internet, computers and sophisticated mobile devices that enables them access various kinds of movie materials at any time.

Unlimited exposure to these movies is detrimental to the moral development of a child, Adams (1998). The author opines that modern movies have the potential to generate negative effects among students who are susceptible to experimenting ideas imparted on them by the movies. Adolescent Behaviour

According to Dean (1974), there is serious need for parents to monitor the exposure of their children and wards to illicit movie materials because of the negative impact it has on their moral development, he viewed the recent trend of advertising sexuality in movies as one of the major reasons why pre-marital pregnancy and sexual immorality is on the increase amongst adolescents. His view were also echoed by Griphiths (2009) who looks at the advertisement of risky behaviours such as smoking and alcoholism and expressed worries that video censor boards lack the necessary wherewithal to successfully cope with the influx of such movies in our homes. Gunesekra (2005) assets that to be able to regulate these traits from our youths, there is need to truly identify exactly how modern movies influence their behaviour. Adolescent Behaviour

Based on these envisaged problems, the basis of this research is to assess the influence of modern movies on adolescence behaviour amongst secondary school students in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Adolescent Behaviour

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